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Posted by xc2009 on July 23, 2009 at 8:01 PM

Hello from Banff, Alberta, Canada….Day 74


The boarder guard looked at us bit funny as we rode our bikes to the gate.

Customs Agent: How long will you be staying?

Alan and Grace: 16- 20 days.

Customs Agent: “What is the purpose of your visit?

Alan and grace: Holiday on bikes.

Customs Agent: What are you jobs?

Alan: I use to be a teacher, swim coach, and server.

Grace: I use to work at a bar.

CA: What do you mean use to be?

Alan: Well we had to quit our jobs to do this trip.

CA: Where do you plan to travel while in Canada?

Alan: Calgary, Banff, Jasper, and eventually Vancouver.

CA: Good luck.

Alan: This is our 69th day on the road.


The man handed us our passports back and we were in! Three days later, were in Calgary!

We got wind slammed on the way to the Canadian New West. Grace was a bit upset given the fact that we were at the mountains and now we were back on the plains facing a tough head wind.

When we arrived in Calgary we made our way to the Bow Cycle Bike shop on the North West part of town to purchase a pump a set of brakes, and a few cartages of compressed air. Outside the store I gave the old pump to the first person I saw. This transaction eventually produced a place to camp, an excellent dinner, breakfast, and company the next morning as we rode out of the city and into the mountains.

Thank you Peter, Leona, Sara, Leah, and Josh for all the accommodations, conversation, and luxuries. Peter, the guy we gave the pump to, suggested a few camp grounds, pointed us in the direction of a grocery store, and then came back for a third time to offer us a place to stay in his back yard. It was a good thing that we gave him our website, because he went home and checked out it and then decided to come find us and propose that his backyard could serve as our tent spot for the evening.

The next night, July 21st we spent in Canmore, just outside of the National Forest, it was so so, given the fact that the campground was right in between two highways. When we arrived in Banff, we headed straight for a local coffee and bread shop that Leona had suggested. There, we met Keith, a bike rep for rocky Mountain Bicycles. Since then we have hiking, canoeing, sleeping, and eating with Keith and his wife Leslie in this awesome mountain town of Banff. Canadians are way cool and hospitable.

We will hit the road again tomorrow morning and continue up the park way, enjoying the scenery all the way.

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