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65 days in the making

Posted by xc2009 on July 14, 2009 at 10:08 PM

We are tired. We have been riding everyday since we left Stillwater MN...about 18 days straight. We are currently in Shelby, Montana staying at our 4th motel for the entire trip. We will ride to Glacier National Park (about 70 miles) tomorrow and stay with a warm showers . org contact for a few days before heading into Canada. Hopefully we will feel recovered enough for a hike in Glacier.



We are road worn. The wind has been relentless. In the last 3 out of 4 days the wind has been in our faces. We knew this would happen. Bring on the mountains, just to get us out of the plains.



A few nights ago we stayed in Glasgow Montana with 5 other bikers. Thank you Karen and Jim for feeding all of us and giving us a soft patch of grass for the tents. Karen, your caramel cinnamon buns are the best I have ever had.

We are still traveling with Andrew, but have lost the other folks we were with when we entered this overly grand state of Montana. It has been fun.


Here is a poem I wrote in my head while the wind was wit us.



We rode with the divine presence of wind our way,

On our backs it stayed,

Hurling us further and faster into the frey.

Our bikes and the smooth rode danced,

As we pedaled and played

Across this vast continent

And into the new western day.


Grace and I would like to give a special shout out and thank you to Skyline Chili and Keystone Bar. We miss both of you and hope that all is well. Ron, if you are still reading this, please pass on the message to the Skyline crew.



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