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Day 58, July 7th

Posted by xc2009 on July 7, 2009 at 4:58 PM

Wow. We are in Williston ND. So much has happened since our last communication. Since Walker MI we have ridden due west on route 2---almost through the entire state of ND, about 400 miles. We have picked up and are riding with 2 other people, both heading west towards Seattle, WA on route 2. A 17 year old female, Laurie and a 28 year old male; both of them were traveling by them selves. We are now a posse of four.


I am not sure if we thanked Rita and Courtney, a mother and daughter who provided Grace and I with a meal, shower, and place to stay in Pine City, MI. Thank you.


I got a new back tire in Bemidji, MI and had 4 flippin flats since! What the heck? Riding out of Bemidji I got my second flat of the trip….right after we purchased the new tire. I rode on low air until we reached East Fork MI. There we stayed in our second hotel and visited a bike shop on the way out of town the next day. We needed a few extra tubes. We also purchased some compressed air. About 5 miles out of town I got another flat. After inspecting the tire, tube, and rim, we concluded that the inside tape that goes between the metal rim and the tube was the culprit. Part of the tape has slid off to the side, exposing a hole in the rim where a spoke connects. Thus, the spoke rubbed against the tube causing it to puncture. We also tried to use our new compressed air at this time but could not figure it out---we should have asked for a demonstration at the shop.


Needless to say, we were extremely frustrated. We rode back to the bike shop for some professional help. Even the bike dudes had trouble figuring out how to use the compressed air---but one of them, Pat eventually figured it out. I had a new strip of tape put on my wheel and Terry Knudson –the owner and/or manager of the shop gave us a few extra air cartridges----all for free. Yeah.


Thank you Outdoor Adventure Ski and Bike Shop in Grand Fork, ND--- you guys are awesome!


The next day I got another flat, but it was on a tube that had been patched twice. We put in a new tube and all has been grand since. That night, July 3rd we stayed in Turtle River State Park with a bunch of weekend campers. The staff was kind of over bearing as were tracked down and asked to pay 5 more dollars on top of the 10 we originally paid because we camped closer to the showers….with the RV’s and not in the tent area.


On the 4th of July we spent the night in Devil’s Lake behind a maintenance shed in Roosevelt Park. The fire works were loud, but we did not watch them.


On the 5th we rode 120 miles; a new record for mileage in a day. We meet Laurie, the 17 year old just outside of Minot, ND. We traveled with her all of the next day at a reduced pace….Grace and I had to adapt to having another person with us. We are not sure how long we will travel with her as we head west.


Last night, on the 6th of July we met Andrew, the 28 year old male and he join up with us. Again, we are not sure how long we will travel with these two other folks, but for now it is all good. Also, last night we camped next to a few concrete workers who offered us a few beers and then some coffee this morning. Thanks so much Mike and Jamie, you guys made our night.


Tonight we hope to stay here in Williston, ND. When Grace and I were in Erskin, MI at a gas station, an older gentleman named Mark came up to us and offered his place to stay if we made it to Williston. We will contact him soon. The only catch is that we are now 4, not 2 people. I hope we do not appear to be taking too much or making assumptions about his generosity…

Anyway---Life is good. We got rained on a little bit last night and this morning, but the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining.



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Reply seamus
1:07 PM on August 18, 2009 
I like your concept and your site, but you're not selling anything, so the header shouldn't be "peddling for the people." A peddler sells things. Someone who rides a bike PEDALS with his/her feet on the pedals. I think you want to give rather than sell, right? Or maybe I'm confused and it really is about peddling goodwill. That would be nice. Take care and have fun.