Peddling for the People

Grace and Alan's Bike Trip Across North America

Mission Statement

We have been given so much and would like to give back.  The purpose of this trip is to raise money for charitable organizations that strive to help people in all parts of the world and across all aspects of life.  We believe that there is no one right way to help people, and have decided that it should be the giver who chooses how to make a difference.  To help promote and accomplish this goal, we will dedicate4 months of our lives to raise money as we ride across this vast continent. Please check out our Giving Back page.

Ride ride, with our backs strong and limber, torso smooth and sturdy, legs and peddles come as one.  Ride ride, into the morning of the day.  To the next place, to the over yonder town, past the fields, brooks, and cornstalks so high.  Ride ride, onward and under the bridge, from safe sleeping to protected peddling. Ride ride, for the safety of all on the road.  Ride ride, for the causes you wish.  Ride ride, for the reasons you live.  Ride ride, from this stage to the next, we will see you along the way, may we help each other on that day. 


The following statement  captures our thoughts exactly (www.

"In a world that changes faster than we can keep up with, we are holding on to the timeless truths of loving your fellow human, hope in the future and helping those less fortunate than us. We believe in relationships and the art of conversation. We believe everyone was created uniquely and for a purpose. We believe the world changes one person at a time. We encourage people to stop letting the world tell them who they should be, but rather, listen to the still small voice inside of them and become who they are meant to be. We believe if you truly search for the truth about yourself and your identity, you will find it. We are constantly encouraged by the strength and beauty we find in people. We firmly believe that people long to be part of something bigger than themselves. We have tremendous faith in human spirit.  We have faith in everybody, the artist, the musician, the thinker, the athlete and the dreamer. Please take a chance to learn more about someone else, to make a friend, and encourage them to make a difference. So fear less and hope more, judge less and accept more."